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Director: Georgina Bown

Country: United Kingdom



'Papers' tells the story of a man who lives his life day to day feeling totally uninspired. Until, one day, on his way to work, an uniquely vibrant woman, sweeps past him and changes his attitude entirely. Feeling suddenly animated, he begins to draw. The drawing opens his eyes to the possibilities of life - and also, of love.

Director Biography

Georgina is a producer/director based in Sweden. With her creative mentality and profound love of movies, she always felt she wanted to pursue a career in film. British-born, she began working as an Assistant Director/Casting Assistant in London, directly after graduating in Film Studies in 2013. Her credits include international feature films 'Treehouse' (2014) and 'Kom Tillbacka till mig/Come Back to Me' (2016), as well as 'Tarzan' (2016), 'The ones Below' (2015) and 'A Hundred Streets' (2016). Georgina has always admired the unique style of Swedish film. She moved to Sweden in 2015. She currently resides in Stockholm and is working on developing 'Papers' into a short film trilogy. 

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