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Director: Rozh Surchi

Country: United Kingdom



Sarah, a robot, adopted by a family of Middle Eastern descent, is put to the test by her parents to become the perfect daughter. They customise her configuration to control her actions, however, she is a learning robot and her thoughts cannot be controlled.

Director Biography

I've lived in Morocco, Namibia and the UK. I moved to London when I was very young, and have been here ever since. My family is a member of a respected Kurdish tribe where traditional rules apply. I was brought up traditionally. Growing up as a girl in London, arguably the most advanced city in the world, led to several disagreements and conflicting interests with my parents. I'm living with the constant battle between acting according to what is culturally accepted and what is widely accepted in Western society. This is noticeable on day-to-day things, but also with important life choices. There are a lot of girls who can relate to this. I'm hoping that this film can raise awareness and hopefully eliminate this problem that many young girls have at home.

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