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June 17-24, 2021
In partnernship with FILMPIXS

After months of hard work, we were happy to organize the double online edition of the 2020 & 2021 edition of
Stockholm Independent Film Festival: eight days of celebrating independent films and internaltional filmmakers.
Thank you all for your support and congratulations to all participants!

Award winners 2020

award nominations 2020

SCREENING selection 2020


Mette Norkjaer
Best Screenplay Jury

Mette Norkjaer is the Creative Executive at BOOM! Studios, a production company and publisher with a First Look deal with 20th Century Studios and Netflix. BOOM! Studios controls the largest library of comic book IP outside of Marvel and DC Comics. BOOM! is currently developing multiple projects for film and TV including LUMBERJANES, GOLDIE VANCE, IMAGINE AGENTS, BOLIVAR, and many more. Mette earned her MFA from the prestigious Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts in 2016. She is originally from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jury Statement

The strongest in this category to me was BABA YOGA. This short film was a beautiful story about a young woman, who seems lost ever since becoming a mother in a passionless marriage, who then regains her sense of self when she meets her yoga instructor. The short explores compelling themes about the various awakenings in one's life, such as a romantic one, which catapults our protagonist back to life. I was so impressed by how the film managed to examine an unlikely encounter and relationship between two unassuming women from different backgrounds. The subtleties of their relationship demonstrate a strong understanding of both character and story - which of course starts with a great screenplay. The ending was probably the most riveting as we (and our lead) fear that the worst has happened, only to find out that her family is in fact safe - which begs the question: what will she choose? And what do we want her to choose? What should she choose? These are the types of questions and dilemmas we all face at various stages of our lives, which is why the story really resonated with me. The BABA YOGA script, paired with excellent direction and performances, stands out amongst the three nominees as a clear winner.